3 Home Remedies For Healthy Feet

Nobody likes to have wonky feet, especially when you know you're going to be walking around barefoot. But feet need a lot of TLC and it can get exhausting to keep up with all the lotions and potions that are meant to magically make all your foot concerns magically disappear. But now you can solve all your worries with none of the stress concerning time, money, or effort — give these 3 home remedies for nail fungus, corns, and foot fungus a try and you'll never look back!

1. Nail Fungus

You'll Need:

  • 17 fl oz mouthwash
  • 17 fl oz vinegar
  • 34 fl oz water

Here's How:

Mix all the ingredients together in a foot basin or large container and soak your tootsies. This magic solution disinfects and kills the bacteria and germs under the toenails.

2. Corns

You'll Need:

  • ½ onion
  • 8 fl oz vinegar
  • elastic bandage or gauze

Here's How:

Soak the onion in vinegar for 30 minutes, place the onion on your foot corn, fix it in place with the elastic bandage, and leave on overnight (it's best to pull a sock over the onion). This miracle worker will soften the corns and help them fall off.

3. Foot Fungus

You'll Need:

  • honey

Here's How:

Spread the honey on your feet to prevent inflammation — the honey has a antimicrobial effect.

Having healthy feet will help you put your best foot forward! But please note that while these home remedies can help prevent fungal diseases from forming or even spreading, they are not miracle cures and it's best to check in with your doctor or podiatrist if you notice something more serious going on.

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