6 Earliest & Weirdest Signs Of Pregnancy

Have you noticed that your mouth has been watering a lot lately? Or are you always rushing to the bathroom due to a constant urge to pee? If so, it might be time you took a pregnancy test! There are many telltale signs of pregnancy before a missed period, and most women aren’t aware of these symptoms. So here are 6 common early signs of pregnancy you probably should watch out for.

1. Frequent Urination

Frequent bathroom trips are usually associated with later stages of pregnancy. Yet the urge to pee is also common in the first two weeks, long before the baby is big enough to put pressure on the bladder. This is due to hormonal changes and the urge should slow down in time. So if you’ve been going a lot more lately, you may want to head to the pharmacy or drug store.

2. Puffy & Sore Gums

During pregnancy, blood flow to the gum tissue is increased. This can lead to sensitivity, swelling, and even bleeding. Most pregnant women experience dental issues, so go get it checked out by a medical professional.

3. Excess Saliva

In early pregnancy, many women produce more saliva. This is due to rapid hormonal changes in the first trimester. So if you are inexplicably drooling, don't panic! It just may be time to take a pregnancy test. Drinking more water or chewing gum may also help.

4. Constipation & Gas

Have you been feeling bloated or gassy lately? Pregnancy increases progesterone levels, which usually slows down your digestive tract. This may mean you experience constipation or gas. If these issues are due to pregnancy, increase your fiber intake.

5. Dizziness & Headaches

Mild headaches are common early signs of pregnancy. The dizziness is caused by hormones altering your blood volume and circulation. Though rare, pregnant women are also more prone to fainting.

6. Excessive Thirst

Your body needs more fluids even at the early stages of pregnancy. And a mom-to-be’s increased body temperature also mean more sweating. So if you find out you’re pregnant, drink up! You’ll need to consume at least 10 glasses of water a day.

If you’re going through your first pregnancy, you may have trouble recognizing these early signs for what they are. A home pregnancy test is one of the best ways to find out if you’re expecting. You can then confirm the results via a urine or blood test at your doctor’s office.

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