Cabbage leaves on the chest reduce nursing-related swelling and pain

Every woman who's given birth will remember how painful various stages of lactating can be. But what can you do when you have nursing-related swelling and pain in your breasts?


This might sound strange at first, but it turns out a lot of women have done it and to good effect: putting cold cabbage leaves on their chest! Even if the cause of the pain is a too-small bra, this method can help.


All the plants in the cabbage family work, too: kale, green or white cabbage, etc. A small, initial scientific study has shown that the very promising effect of the cold leaves is comparable to that of a hot or cold compress.  


If you want to try it out, first place a head of cabbage in the fridge for an hour. Then remove the outer leaves altogether, tear off two inner leaves, and wash them with cold water. Cut away any remains of the stem as well as a hole in the center of the leaf for the nipple. Then lay the leaves over your breasts for 20 minutes.

They'll have a relaxing effect. Once they're warm you can take them off. Repeat the whole procedure until your pain is gone. Of course, if the pain persists, please go to your doctor for a check-up!

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