The benefits of including cardamom in your diet

Whether you're going on a diet or making long-term changes to nutrition and exercise, cardamom can help support your goals. We're talking about that spice from the ginger family that is often used to flavor chai tea and holiday spice cookies. But the benefits of cardamom don't stop at weight loss — it also helps take care of things like exhaustion, bloating, and bad breath.


Get rid of belly fat

Belly fat is actually really dangerous. People who are carrying extra weight around their middle are more likely to suffer from circulatory and cardiac problems. If you eat cardamom, however, you'll have less chance of gaining extra weight in the first place. One study found that rats' glucose tolerance and blood lipid levels improved when the animals were given cardamom. And that even after they had been placed on an extra high-carb, high-fat diet. The rats also stored less fat around their belly after they were given the spice.

It's at least worth trying adding cardamom to your diet if you are battling extra weight around your midsection. Cardamom is also good at getting rid of bloating and that uncomfortable feeling of fullness. Not only will you have less belly fat, but your risk of developing a metabolic disorder is also reduced.


Excess water in your body

Water retention and bloating can lead to weight gain in the long run. Cardamom has diuretic properties and can help get rid of excess water being stored in the body. The diuretic function of cardamom also helps lower blood pressure.

Lower your cholesterol levels

Considering the fat reducing properties of this spice, it should come as no surprise that it can also support healthier cholesterol levels. One study reports that test subjects total cholesterol and triglyceride levels were significantly lowered after adding cardamom to their diets.

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Treating stomach and digestive illness

Cardamom is a go-to for healing stomach and digestive problems. The spice contains menthol, which helps freshenen your breath and tackles a number of bacteria that can cause damage to the digestive tract, e.g. E. coli bacteria. Cardamom will help re-balance your healthy gut bacteria and cleanse your intestines.

How to integrate cardamom into your diet

To reap the full benefits of this wonder spice, you'll need to regularly include it in your food and beverages. You can make herbal tea by adding one smashed cardamom pod in with your favorite herbal tea before pouring in hot water. The addition of cardamom to your tea will also give you a boost of energy, lowering feelings of fatigue throughout the day.

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You can also add cardamom to most dishes. Just be aware that it is strongest when pressed fresh from the pod.

Cardamom is a wonderful spice that will support you in your quest for a healthy body. It's also rumored to be effective against depression, tension headaches, menstruation discomfort, flu, and urinary incontinence.

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