Useful tips to avoid skin chafing

Inner thigh chafing can be a painful nightmare, resulting in sore, irritated skin. If you’re a dedicated runner or athlete, if you’re overweight, or if you prefer dresses and skirts, you may experience the uncomfortable symptoms of chafing on a regular basis. But no need to worry — here are some useful tips that will soothe your skin, and prevent unneeded friction. 

1. Tip: Shorts instead of skirts

One of the best ways to prevent thigh chafing is also one of the simplest: wear appropriate clothing. When you opt for a skirt or dress, it’s easy for your thighs to rub together. Shorts not only keep you cool, but also cover and protect that sensitive area of the legs.

2. Tip: Cycling shorts or bandelettes

If you don’t want to give up skirts and dresses completely, reduce friction by wearing cycling shorts underneath. Another option is a bandelette. These anti-chafing thigh bands are not only nice on the eyes, but they keep you protected. 

3. Tip: Diaper rash cream

Rub a bit of diaper rash cream on the insides of your thighs. The zinc-containing cream has antibacterial properties and will form a protective layer over the affected area, working to prevent and soothe irritation. 

4. Tip: Deodorant

To prevent excessive perspiration, you can also apply deodorant on your thighs. If sweating is reduced, chafing is less likely to occur. 


5. Tip: Coconut oil

This all natural wonder can help keep your skin free of irritation. Coconut has antibacterial properties which can help prevent bacteria build-up caused by sweat and dirt.

6. Tip: Baby powder

It's important to stay dry because moist skin can lead to chafing. To prevent excessive sweating, apply baby powder every few hours as needed. 

7. Tip: Aloe vera

The same stuff you apply to a sunburn can also relieve pain caused by chafing. Try mixing a few drops of lavender oil with some aloe vera gel. Natural oils contained in the aloe vera plant help to calm irritated skin, while lavender essential oil offers antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. Spread the mixture evenly over your thighs and let the healing begin. 


There's no need to let painful thigh chafing slow you down. No matter what you choose to wear, these tips will help to prevent and protect skin from irritation. If problems persist, or if you have serious concerns, please consult a doctor. 

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