12 Easy Exercises For Couch Potatoes

It's the age-old dilemma: You really do want to get in shape, but you just can't manage to pull yourself away from the sofa. If you're a couch potato who prefers lounging around and watching TV instead of jogging outside or spending time at the gym, today is your lucky day! As it turns out, if you want to get yourself healthy, there's actually no need to leave the comfort of your sofa – now you can have your cake and eat it too with these 12 couch potato exercises.

1. Sit on the edge of the sofa, slowly stretch your legs out, and pull them back in. Repeat 10 times.

2. Stand with your back to the couch, place one foot on the couch, and bend down until your leg forms a 90° angle. Repeat 10 times per leg.

3. Sit on the edge of the sofa, lean back, stretch your legs out in front of you, and make small circles with your legs – 10 times in each direction.

4.1 Sit on the edge of the sofa, grab a bottle of soda in each hand, and stretch your arms out to the side.

4.2 Bring your arms in front of your body.

4.3 Then lower them down to your thighs.

4.4  Lift them back up in front of your body.

4.5 Extend the arms out to your side.

4.6 Finally, lower your arms back down to your thighs. Repeat 10 times, with a 30 second pause.

5. Lie sideways on the couch, slowly lift your leg as high as you can, and lower it to the starting position. Repeat this for 20 seconds, and then do it for 20 seconds on the other side.

6. Stand in front of the couch with your legs slightly more than hip-width apart. Take your couch pillow and lift it up over your head while lowering your body into a squatting position. Repeat 20 times.

7. Sit on the edge of the couch, stretch your legs out in front of you, and kick them alternately. Repeat 20 times.

8. Jump on the edge of the sofa, alternating legs, as if you were running up stairs. Rest 30 seconds.

9. Sit on the floor in front of the couch and rest your hands on the edge of the sofa. Lift your behind and perform backwards pushups. Repeat 20 times.

10. Lay on your back on the sofa and place a pillow between your hands. Holding your legs together, pull them up to the center as you simultaneously bring your arms to the center. Use your feet to grab the pillow from your hands, and return your legs and arms to a flat position. Repeat this for 30 seconds.

11. Sit on the edge of the sofa, take a larger, not too heavy object in your hands, and shift it from side to side while your legs are outstretched. Repeat 10 times.

12. Place your feet on the sofa cushions and rest your hands on the floor. Walk with your arms and legs one step to the left and one step to the right for 30 seconds.

These 12 genius exercises will whip you into shape in no time, and you don't even have to sign up for an expensive gym or miss your favorite TV program!

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