Homemade remedies for bad coughs and earache

You don't always have to go straight to the doctor when you're feeling under the weather. Instead, you can turn to some tried and trusted home remedies that our grandparents would've used. So the next time you're experiencing cold symptoms, try out these two methods for alleviating earache and a nasty cough...

Here's an overview of both methods:

  1. To alleviate earache, fill a sock with salt, heat it in a pan for four to six minutes, and place it on the ear causing you trouble.

  2. To make your own cough drops, first mix sugar, half a cup of water, some lemon, honey, cloves and ginger in a pot. Leave the mixture to simmer for 20 minutes. Then create individual drops on a piece of baking parchment before sprinkling icing sugar on top and leaving them to cool.

Sometimes, it's best to opt for natural homemade remedies to fight mild cold symptoms. But if you don't start feeling better, you should consult your doctor.

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