Why You Should Never Clean Your Ears

Do you regularly clean your ears with cotton swabs to get rid of annoying earwax? Then you're making a very dangerous mistake! You may think you're removing earwax, but you're actually pushing it even further into the ear canal, which can obstruct the eardrum and permanently damage your hearing. We'll tell you why you should never clean out your ears with cotton swabs and why earwax is actually good for you!

Did you know that earwax is actually useful? It's true! Earwax protects your ears from foreign objects and all kinds of creepy crawlies that might be trying to set up shop in your ear canal. 

Earwax also prevents fungal infections from forming in the ear canal and keeps your ears from drying out.

For these reasons, you're better off leaving your earwax right where it belongs: in your ear! It's also not necessary to remove earwax from healthy ears, because your body already does that for you! But if you want to speed the process up a little bit, you can rinse out your ears with clean water when showering. In any case, if you feel like your earwax goes beyond the scope of normal, always consult a doctor before attempting to clean it out yourself.

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