How To Improve Your Well-Being With Eucalyptus In The Shower

House plants are very common in most homes. Some of us may even have the odd potted shrub in our bathroom. But have you ever hung a plant in the shower? As strange as it may sound, showering with this particular plant could actually do your health a world of good.

It does need to be a certain plant though: the eucalyptus. The plant has many positive properties that are released when it's in a damp and humid environment. And where are you most likely to find these conditions? That's right — the bathroom. Here's how to get the best results:

Attach the plant to a piece of string tied in a loop and hang it over the shower head.

The steam created when you shower with warm water releases therapeutic oils. As well as lifting your mood and reducing stress, these oils may also do your body some good; the substances released act as an antiseptic, have anti-inflammatory properties, and ward off respiratory illnesses.

So now you know why showering with eucalyptus may be beneficial to your health. It's easy to get your hands on the stuff, too. So what are you waiting for — get showering and enjoy!

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