7 mistakes that can lead to greasy hair

Full bodied, shiny hair is something that lots of women and men strive for. However, many people have to contend with a variety of issues ranging from split ends to hair loss. Another frequent complaint is greasy hair, which is often caused by washing your hair too frequently as shampoo dries out your scalp and increases sebum production. Yet greasy hair isn't only caused by too much washing, so here are seven other reasons why your hair might be greasy... 

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1. You often wear your hair up

When you have your hair tied up, the sebum produced by your scalp can no longer be distributed evenly across your hair. That causes the scalp to produce more sebum, meaning you should wear your hair down more often if you want to tackle greasiness. 

2. You touch your hair too often

It's common knowledge that touching your face too often can lead to greasy skin and zits. The same principle holds true for your hair. Our hands are covered in dirt particles and residues from creams, if we use them. That's why it's best to keep your hands away from hair if you don't want it becoming greasy.

3. You're currently going through hormonal changes


Hormonal changes can lead to your scalp producing too much sebum. For example, you may be going through puberty, a pregnancy or the menopause. An overactive thyroid or coming off the pill are also factors that could be causing excess sebum production. 

4. You comb your hair too often 

When you comb your hair too often, it spreads sebum throughout your hair, giving it a shiny, yet also greasy appearance.

5. You're eating unhealthily 

If you're eating too much fast food or candy, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that your hair is greasy. For the sake of your hair (and your general health), it's best to opt for fruits, vegetables, and wholegrain products instead of the junk. 

6. You're using your haircare products incorrectly


As well as giving your hair a shiny appearance, masks, rinses, and hair oils should make it easier to comb and smooth to touch. However, you shouldn't use these products on parts of the hair in close proximity to your scalp, as this could lead to increased greasiness. 

7. Your hairbrush is dirty

Many people forget how important it is to regularly clean your hairbrush. That's because your hairbrush often collects dirt as well as sebaceous residue and deposits.

If you're still suffering from greasy hair after taking all of these measures, it might be worth seeing your doctor. They should be able to identify what's triggering your greasy hair and give you advice on possible treatments. 

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