Alarming: drinking cola can damage the body

What actually happens when you drink a can of cola? Most people probably don't think about it at all, but the brown soda actually has a substantially negative impact on the body, as pharmacist Dr. West Conner summarizes on his blog:

1. The first 10 minutes


Ten teaspoons of sugar (100% of your daily recommended intake) flood your system. So much sweetness could actually cause you to vomit, but in this case, but the phosphoric acid found in cola tempers its taste. 

2. 20 minutes

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Your blood sugar level shoots through the roof and your body immediately releases insulin. Your liver kicks immediately into action and begins turning any sugar it finds into fat.

3. 40 minutes


After 40 minutes, the caffeine in the cola has been fully absorbed by the body. Your pupils dilate, your blood pressure spikes, and in response, your liver releases even more sugar into your blood stream. Your brain's adenosine receptors are now blocked, which prevents drowsiness.

4. 45 minutes

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Your body releases even more dopamine—the same reaction it has to heroin—thus stimulating your brain's pleasure receptors.

5. 60 minutes

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The phosphoric acid combines calcium, magnesium and zinc in your intestine, triggering a boost to your metabolism which is further compounded by high sugar and artificial sweetener content. This leads to increased urinary excretion of calcium.

6. Also at 60 minutes...


Now the diuretic properties of the caffeine kick in, causing you to have to urinate. This flushes out all of the calcium, magnesium, and zinc that is meant for your bones as well as sodium, electrolytes and water.

7. And still further at 60 minutes...


After the sugar rush comes the sugar crash, making you grumpy and tired. At this point all of the water contained in the cola has left your system through your urine, taking with it important nutrients that could have been used to maintain hydration or strengthen bones and teeth. Worse still is that your chance of developing diabetes and having to rely on an insulin pump (as pictured above) for the rest of your life has increased.

Most people have no idea what happens to their bodies when they drink the occasional cola, not to mention those with an every day cola habit. It's therefore important to help educate as many people as possible about the dangers of cola. Their future health could depend on it.



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