Self-help: Pressure point massage for combating headaches

Headaches can be extremely bothersome and often happen without any prior warning. If you don't have any painkillers to hand, try the following 11 pressure point massages to alleviate discomfort caused by headaches...

Here's an overview of the 11 pressure points you should massage when you have a headache:

  1. the sides of your spine, on the lower part of your neck
  2. the raised point in the center of your neck
  3. the sides of your neck, at the lower part of your skull
  4. the boney part of your temples
  5. the upper part of your ear
  6. the boney point above your ear
  7. the bridge of your nose
  8. below your eyebrows
  9. half an inch above your eyebrows
  10. the center of your forehead
  11. the skin between your thumb and index finger

When you're out of painkillers, this massage program should certainly help provide some short-term relief for headaches.

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