Woman becomes role model after getting into shape

Many people who are unhappy with their weight dream about shedding a few pounds or dropping a dress size. It's not easy though — losing weight involves a lot of hard work which can be hugely discouraging. Yet if you can stay motivated, you'll soon be rewarded with right results.


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Jessica Beniquez from Florida is proof of this. In January 2016 she weighed around 320 lbs due to a lifestyle that invloved evenings lying around on the couch and eating unhealthy fast food. Though she had been unhappy with her body for quite some time, she hadn't felt the need to do anything about it. But one day she finally decided to make some radical changes to her life.


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Jessica (@getfitwjessica) am

No longer wanting to feel so lethargic and unfit, Jessica researched exercise routines on the internet and began eating a healthy diet. After initially working out at home, the young Floridian slowly gained confidence and started going to the gym. For the first three months she hired a trainer to teach her how to do the exercises properly. By doing a combination of weight training with cardio, Jessica was making quick progress and shedding the pounds.


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Jessica (@getfitwjessica) am

As well as flattening her stomach and building up her strength, Jessica's trips to be gym had a profound effect on her confidence. She regularly posted updates online and soon became a role model for many people who wanted to lose weight.

"Losing weight isn't easy. You have to keep yourself motivated," said Jessica. Whenever she has any doubts, she puts on her old clothes to show how far she's come.

As well as posting photos and videos of her training sessions, Jessica provides tips on exercises she regularly does. The young woman has turned her life upside down — from couch potato to gym junkie. She always tries to motivate her fans to leave their comfort zones: "Five miles in 45 minutes. A year ago, I hated jogging. Today I find it fun!"

In the past it was a balancing act between work, sports, and pleasure. Yet now she's managed to combine all three by taking a job at the gym; it's gone from a place she used to fear to pretty much a second home.

Jessica shows what you can achieve with motivation and perseverance. Perhaps she's also inspired you to make some different lifestyle choices.



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