Mondays: 7 tips for surviving the start of the working week

It seems that almost everyone agrees Monday is the saddest day of the week. Using a daily sample of millions of Tweets, researchers at the Complex System Center at the University of Vermont confirmed what many people already believed: "Your mood tends to improve during the week, peaking on a Saturday, before dropping dramatically in the beginning of a new week." Working from data going back to 2008, the center analyzed about 10% of Twitter's daily traffic to come to its conclusions.

Using something called a hedonometer, researchers attributed scores on a scale of 1 (sad) to 9 (happy) to the most common and frequently used words in the sample of 50 million Tweets analyzed daily in the study. They then used these scores to determine how happy (or otherwise) each day was. The research came to the conclusion that people show higher levels of happiness on Saturdays compared to other days of the week. On Mondays, happiness levels suffer a big drop. From Tuesday on, the mood begins to improve.

But, is there a way to reverse this tendency and win the battle against Mondays? We think the answer is yes! Try the following simple tips to make your Monday as happy as your other days.


1. Don't sleep too much 

Breaking your routine too much on weekends comes at a price. In this case, it's the fact that on Monday you have to go back to your regular schedule. Try not to sleep in too late on the weekends, that way you have more time to plan other activities. Besides, if you spend your weekend sleeping, obviously it'll feel like the time flew by when you weren't looking.


2. Plan on doing something you enjoy

Decide that Monday is the day for, let’s say, meeting your friends, going to a yoga class, going to the movies or seeing a play. Make this day better by doing something that motivates you.


 3. Plan your week outside work

The job/home — home/job routine can leave you bored, tired and feeling like monotony has come to stay. Go to the movies, schedule in an art exhibition, have dinner with the people you love, go to a different bar after work, and you’ll soon notice that your week feels less painful.


 4. Watch what you eat

It's normal to have a tendency to be more permissive when it comes to your diet on weekends. Try not to cut loose too much though, because what we eat has a big effect on our disposition. When we eat too much sugar and processed food, we feel more tired.


 5. Plan your Monday... on Friday

On Friday, plan ahead and look at what you have to do next week. You’ll see that your Monday will be way calmer as a result, with no anxiety or accumulated work.


 6. Choose foods with calming properties

Avocado, salmon, almonds and dark chocolate are a few examples of good and balanced food that help you manage your stress levels. They also help improve your mood and give you energy.


 7. Love yourself

When you feel good about how you look, your days become easier. And if, at the same time, you're comfortable with what you’re wearing, even better. Choose clothes that make you feel comfortable with who you are and reflect your personality.


Did you like these suggestions? Mondays don’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Follow these tips and feel great EVERY day of the week. 

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