How To Take The Perfect Nap

Do people call you lazy because you take naps? Actually, that makes you smarter than most! Geniuses like Napoleon and Einstein did it all the time because they knew napping boosts productivity, promotes humor, improves your memory, and prevents accidents. But most people are doing it all wrong, so pay close attention to the following tips!

1. The Right Time

1 to 3 pm – right after lunch when energy levels start to decrease

2. The Right Length

10 to 20 minutes – boost energy & productivity

60 minutes – strengthen short term memory and store up hours in the sleep bank

90 minutes – wake up fully rested

A nap that doesn't respect these limits will induce "sleep inertia" and cause sleepiness, thus interfering with your nightly sleep.

3. The Right Conditions

The room should be dark, quiet, and between 60–72°F.

4. What Else?

If you drink coffee before a short nap, you'll feel twice as energized – like nothing can stop you! That's because it takes 20 minutes for the effects of caffeine to kick in.

Follow these tips & tricks and you'll wake up feeling like a brand new person. It all comes down to science!

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