Here are the best ways to get over those post-vacation blues

Whether you've just had a summer vacation or a long Christmas break, it's never a great feeling knowing that you'll soon be returning to work. We all recognize that slight sinking sensation that first starts when you should be enjoying the last few days of your time off...

No one really likes the idea of going back to the grindstone after a relaxing and fun vacation. Surveys have shown that people start to suffer from headaches, high fever, dizziness or nausea after returning to work. However, there's no need to worry — simply follow these five simple steps to beat those post-vacation blues.

1. Get a good night's sleep

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It's time to get your sleep pattern back on track after that long break. The best thing to do is avoid doing overtime or going out with colleagues after work during your first week back. Instead, you should spend your evenings relaxing at home, and sleeping for at least seven hours when it's bedtime. If you still feel tired the next morning, try taking a short nap during the day. Remember that it's also important not to wake up too late! To keep your sleep patterns regular, you should set your morning alarm at around a similar time as you had before your vacation. 

2. Include lots of vitamins in your diet


Vitamins can help your body overcome any weariness. In addition to drinking lots of water, eating fruit and vegetables can leave you feeling reinvigorated. It may also help to take vitamin supplements, as this can give your immunity the boost it needs to recover from any lingering illness.

3. Avoid drinking coffee, soda or alcohol

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Caffeine is found in coffee, tea and many soft drinks. By affecting your central nervous system and increasing levels of fatigue, this stimulant can disturb your sleep at night. Alcohol has a similar effect, too. It's also best to avoid other food items that contain caffeine before going to bed, such as green tea or chocolate.

4. Exercise regularly


Don't let those back-to-work blues take a hold of your body and mind! Get outdoors and try doing some exercise, even if you're feeling tired. Even 30 minutes of walking can help lift your mood. If you've spent a lot of your vacation sitting down while flying or driving, it's also important to do some light stretching every day. Your back will thank you later! Office workers especially need to spend a few hours in their free time doing some exercise. However, you should be careful not to do too much, as you could run the risk of getting injured.

5. Take good care of yourself

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Take a warm bath in water at around 100°F for 15 minutes before soaking your body in cold water. Repeating this several times should help boost your immunity and metabolism. It's also important to relax before going to bed. Instead of watching horror movies or listening to loud music, you could spend the time reading a book or simply relaxing on the couch. Ten minutes of meditation or listening to classical music could also work wonders before bedtime. If you stay up late watching TV, the images on the screen stimulate your brain and could give you trouble when trying to drift off. 

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So now you know how to prevent those post-vacation blues. If you follow these steps, you should have an easier time getting back into your usual routine. Now back to work! ;-)
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