Studies Show Women Need More Sleep Than Men

It have been scientifically proven that women are better at concentrating on several things at once, whereas men are more likely to have problems with multitasking. This is mainly because the female brain is physiologically more complex than the male brain. But because multitasking requires the simultaneous use of multiple regions in the brain, the female brain also needs more time to recover, which is why women need more sleep than men. Now you finally have an excuse to sleep in!

The female brain processes information 5x faster than the male brain, and because both sides of the female brain are better connected, it's even easier for women to multitask.

A study from the Duke University Medical Center study in Durham, North Carolina surveyed 210 middle-aged women and men and found that women suffering from sleep deprivation had more health problems than men. And because women suffer from an increased strain on the brain, they need on average 20 minutes more sleep than men per day.

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